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ロンドン、ニューヨーク、シカゴ、ロッテルダム、チューリッヒ、メンドリシオ、ヘルシンキ。日本から海を越え、5カ国、7都市、10大学からの日本人建築留学生が、再び日本を”交差点”に集う。日本人というバックグラウンドと、各地域特有のコンテクスト、建築的視点。それら文化間の摩擦によって生まれた留学中の作品群が一同に介す。日本と世界を結びつける新たなネットワークとしての展覧会、それが ”Japanese Junction” である。
【日時】2010年9月13日(月) – 9月18日(土)
【場所】nanyodoN+ 南洋堂書店4Fギャラリー (入場無料)
留目知明(University of East London)
橋村雄一(University of East London)
松繁宏樹(University of East London)
水島直洋(University of East London)
山口暁(University of East London)
植田三恵(University of East London)
澤田渉(AA School)
山本裕馬(AA School)
石井孝幸(University College of London)
阿部真理子(London Metropolitan University)
篠元貴之(University of Illinois at Chicago)
藤吉弘樹(Pratt Institute)
坂入達也(Pratt Institute)
中谷泰子(Pratt Institute)
勝邦義(Berlage Institute)
松田彩加(Berlage Institute)
杉山 幸一郎(ETH Zurich)
川岸 昇(ETH Zurich)
金塚雄太(ETH Zurich)
森中康彰(ETH Zurich)
伊代田 卓身(Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio)
伊藤 達信(Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio)
権藤 武夫(Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio)
棚橋哉仁(Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
JAPANESE JUNCTION is an exhibition for young Japanese architects who are/were studying abroad. The exhibition will be in Tokyo, Nanyodo N+, in September 13th-18th. There, Noboru will show a film besed up on the project “Parallel Urbanism” done with Matthew Skjonsberg, Sebastián Alfaro Fuscaldo in MAS Urban design in ETH.
University of East London
Yoichi Hashimura
Hiroki Matsushige
Naohiro Mizushima
Tomoaki Todome
Mie Ueda
Akira Yamaguchi
Architectural Association School of Architecture
Wataru Sawada
Yuma Yamamoto
London Metropolitan University
Mariko Abe
The Bartlett School of Architecture
Takayuki Ishii
Berlage Institute
Katsu Kuniyoshi
Ayaka Matsuda
ETH Zurich
Noboru Kawagishi
Yuta Kanezuka
Yasuaki Morinaka
Koichiro Sugiyama
The Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio
Takeo Gondo
Tatsunobu Ito
Takumi Iyoda
Aalto University School of Science and Technology
Kanato Tanahashi
University of Illinois at Chicago
Takayuki Shinomoto
Pratt Institute
Hiroki Fujiyoshi
Hiroko Nakatani
Tatsuya Sakairi

Trans 17

OMNIBUS’ research project “ALLOTMENT GARDENS IN ZURICH – THE JOKER OF PARTICIPATION -” is now published in Trans vol. 17, a architecture and urban theory magazine of ETH Zurich. This “Schrebergarten” research was Noboru’s theory work at ETH Zurich, and in collaboration with Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, we are developing our research project.
OMNIBUS is an urban research platform created in 2009 by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes and Noboru Kawagishi, two urban designers graduated with a Master of Advanced Studies from the ETH (Swiss Institute of Technology) in Zurich.
OMNIBUS is a trans-disciplinary structure, meant to be at crossroads of media, art, politics, illustration, landscape architecture and urban design. OMNIBUS believes that architecture must open up towards other disciplines and should be political and controversial whenever needed.
OMNIBUS website is also coming soon!