EM2N / Der Umbau am Bettenplatz Rosenberg, Winterthur

A renovation project by EM2N. The building used to be a super market, the space was transformed into 5 maisonette dwellings.
see project info: 126_ROS/EM2N

In the section drawing, yellow is the parts they demolished. The ground floor, used to be a big selling space (I guess), has 4m high ceiling, and it is getting an advantage for comfortable living/dining spaces, that have always top light from above.

(c) Noboru Kawagishi

Rolex Learning Center / SANAA

New building of EPF Lausanne, Rolex Learning Center, designed by Japanese architect SANAA.
Its “carpet” structure makes interesting phenomena. Through the space below, you can find different sequences with people above sitting, standing and different furniture, etc.
In the building, many people are sitting and lying on the floor. I guess it doesn’t happen if it’s just flat ground floor. The sequence of different levels makes sort of hierarchy in the space, and it fits to different behavior of people; reading, chatting, eating, resting, etc.
It would be interesting to see how it works with landscape design.

(c) Noboru Kawagishi