Lecture at INCT

On the 12th of October, thanks to my professor, I got a chance to make a lecture at Ishikawa National College of Technology, where I started studying Architecture in 1997. It was nice opportunity also for me, to remember my starting point as an architect. Although INCT is not a famous school of architecture, I met some motivated students who can be very nice architects in the future. I hope they got an idea that one senior student is struggling in Europe…

Parallel Urbanism at Japanese Junction

先日Nanyodo N+で行われた「JAPANESE JUNCTION」に出展したETHでのスタジオ課題のムービーです。

„Parallel Urbanism in Addis Ababa „ (7:55)
Editor: Noboru Kawagishi
Source films:
„Learning from Schwyz/Addis“ (2008)
Prof. Marc Angélil, ETH Zurich
„Learning from Addis 1“ (2007)
Vanessa Meister
„Addis Panoramic“ (2008)
Noboru Kawagishi
The project was done by Matthew Gerald Skjonsberg, Sebastián Alfaro Fuscaldo and Noboru Kawagishi, in the frame of ETH MAS Urban design in 2007.
This film was presented in the exhibition “Japanese Junction” in Tokyo, in September 2010.