(日本語版はこちら。Design HubのKOYOとコラボ企画です。)
‘Architonic’ is a Swiss-based design platform that is a pragmatic web-tool for architects, interior- and product designers. Architonic is making a database of furniture, materials and various types of design products, and provides it on the website and their collection booklet. The collection has more than 45,000 products from 4,500 designers and 1,400 manufacturers.
In the database on the website, listed manufacturers and designers are quite diverse, and categorized with possibly considerable factors – those are carefully chosen by Architonic. Users could access to the favorite design through browsing text and visual information, and easily contact to the manufacturers. In case, catalogue request, price request are mostly available.
Architonic website is not only the playful database, but also contains latest design news and article, of course newsletters with update information is reaching every moment. This pragmatic and flesh design catalogue/platform has broadly been used in Europe. Currently Architonic website has 3 Mio visitors per year and 68% of them are architects, interior designers and other professionals (source: Architonic Website).
Architonic aims to be the first worldwide standard for design platform, and also seeking Japanese remarkable manufacturers for the new part of their catalogue. The catalogue would be definitely useful for Japanese architects, interior designers and so on.
If there are some comments of browsing the catalogue, evaluations, requests from Japanese architects, designers, or makers that are interested, please send them to Design Hub
Design Hub will send the feedback to Architonic.
Although huge number of design catalogues from manufacturers and design galleries exist, less catalogues containing worldwide products, designers and manufacturers, being categorized both systematically and dynamically could be found. The critics and comments from Japanese point of views would be interesting to be integrated.