Vo Trong Nghia

A Vietnamese architect, Vo Trong Nghia is one of my best friends from Ishikawa NCT in Japan. Since 1997, He was also studying architecture in INCT. He finished his master study in Tokyo University, and came back to Vietnam. After 3 years, I got a chance to visit him and his works.
He is a promising young architect based on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and known as “a bamboo architect”. He has designed several buildings with bamboo, and the structure is quite unique and beautiful.
Nghia told me that it was so difficult to build such buildings with bamboo, because there was no example and technic for that. He spent time at the construction site and developed his design method with collaborators. Nghia was saying, although there are a lot of projects in Vietnam, it is important for an architect to make “one” nice architecture. It seems really difficult to build nice buildings, because all the developments in Vietnam are incredibly fast. Nghia made a lot of efforts to realize the “one”, and it impressed many people with his creativity.
Vo Trong Nghia http://www.votrongnghia.com/
Trung Nguyen Cafe, Hanoi

Bamboo dome, Binh Duong