Besichtigung Adrian Streich

There was a inspection of Adrian Streich’s project “Kraftwerk”.

Besichtigung pool architekten

pool architekten

Platform by Gigon/Guyer

There was the open house of “Platform” building by Gigon/Guyer.
This kind of glass cube style seems new style of them, but actually recently popular style in their competition entries: Prime tower, Europaallee Baufeld C in Zurich, Wuerth headquarter in Rorschach, etc.

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Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Thun / EM2N

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actelion business center / Herzog & de Meuron

actelion headquarter in Basel designed by Herzon & de Meuron.

Raiffeisen Bank Kreuzplatz / NAU, Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects

Opening day of Raiffeisen Bank Kreuzplatz in Zurich, designed by NAU, Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects, and the interior wall was designed by ROK Architecture & Consulting.

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Kinderspital Basel / Stump & Schibli Architekten

Open day of Kinderspital Basel.

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City of Cagliari

“Castello” area of Cagliari

Nice seafood…

Condominio P / C+C04Studio, Via Posada, Cagliari, Italy

Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari

Old house from ca. 1850, Tuili, Sardinia

Su Nuraxi di Barumini, the Nuraghe from ca. 16c BC, Barumini, Sardinia

Pool Architekten

The exhibition of Pool Architekten at ETH Zurich. Pool Architekten is one of the most promising young architects office in Zurich.
The exhibition itself is quite impressive, all the models, drawings and photographs are in the book shelf. This idea is quite fitting to the main hall of ETH main building.

Wohn- und Geschaeftshaus Badenerstrasse, Zurich, 2010

Schulhaus Baumgarten, Buochs, 2004
Pool Architekten